Introducing Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy | IGN Fan Fest 2021
"Living up to your parents' expectations is hard, but it's even harder when you have superpowers. Netflix's upcoming live-action comic book adaptation Jupiter's Legacy is arriving on May 7th, and IGN's Fan Fest brings both original comics creator, Mark Millar, and star, Josh Duhamel (Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian), to talk about everything that goes into faithfully adapting this complex, multi-generational story about family.

After nearly a century of keeping mankind safe, the world's first generation of superheroes must look to their children to continue the legacy. But tensions rise as the young superheroes, hungry to prove their worth, struggle to live up to their parents' legendary public reputations - and exacting personal standards. Based on the graphic novels by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, Jupiter's Legacy is an epic superhero drama that spans decades and navigates the complex dynamics of family, power, and loyalty.

From executive producers Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Dan McDermott, Steven S. DeKnight, James Middleton, Sang Kyu Kim, Jupiter's Legacy stars Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade, Matt Lanter and Tenika Davis."
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  • Peter B
    Peter B

    Sounds how does he become a super hero? And where are villians?

  • Neil knightley
    Neil knightley

    cant understand anything the middle guy is saying

  • CarolinaChris 26
    CarolinaChris 26

    Netflix Mr. Mark Millar please tell me the magic order is still ago🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Jason Umbrellabird
    Jason Umbrellabird

    05/07? 7th May?

    • Rukevwe B
      Rukevwe B

      Yes 👍

  • Charles Charles
    Charles Charles

    That was a shitty preview

  • No Way
    No Way

    Netflix needs to buy Mark a webcam and a ring light.

  • Van Iyke
    Van Iyke

    They claim its supposed to be for NetFlix what The Boys is to Amazon.

  • MidKnightGeek

    Damn this sounds amazing! Not familiar with the comics, so I'll check them out as well. Really looking forward to watching this! It reminds me a bit with the description to Watchmen, but I'm sure in just a general way, as in a group of "original" aging Superheros. Excited to see how this story develops! Cheers :)

  • Enigmaw Studios
    Enigmaw Studios

    That was awesome? Didn't show anything

  • ninjak79

    Great questions!

  • BlkMrktJah

    ..sippin on a Guinness.

  • matthew keating
    matthew keating

    so since he moved his comics to netflix he has made how many comics?

  • Tricky Trini
    Tricky Trini

    I’m curious to know what the Critical Drinker would think of this plot? 🤔

  • Wooshey Comics NOW!
    Wooshey Comics NOW!

    Mark Millar sounded like Kermit the Frog when he opened his mouth. 😂

  • Brian Arrington
    Brian Arrington

    BEAM ME UP!!!......

  • james price
    james price

    Hate 2 do it but wouldn't it be better animated? Keep it hard-core with top tier animation!!

    • Deanna Henry
      Deanna Henry


    • thereign

      Animation is really taken for granted

  • Mark Hettenbach
    Mark Hettenbach

    Why jump to legacy instead of the first story?

    • akaBoG

      Legacy was published first, than Circle (the prequel series) than Legacy 2.

  • canangel75

    What a load of ......

  • BC

    Griffin did nothing wrong.... Ops, wrong griffin

  • TiVo2Go

    *Jupiter's Legacy* *Justice League* *hmmmmm*

  • Ben T
    Ben T

    Except now we have a show with superman raising kids and being faced with the family drama

    • Gabriel P
      Gabriel P

      Jupiter´s Legacy and Superman & Lois literally have absolutely nothing in common... xDxD

  • Zohar F
    Zohar F

    When Josh was talking about his character, who essentially seems to be Superman, having to deal with his kids and not knowing how to go about it, it stood out as a central storyline of Superman and Lois, which only came out a few days ago. When you include the sense of being grounded and referring to World events, it just strengthened that connection. Now it will be interesting to see how the two productions deal with very similar substance, what do they do differently, what are the outcomes. Looking forward to seeing this.

    • Jason Grady
      Jason Grady

      It is superman and lois

    • eddie joewalt
      eddie joewalt

      Jupiter's Legacy was in production in 2018 way before the cw decide to make Superman and Lois spinoff show which went in production in 2019!


    Josh will be a hot silver fox !

  • Artur Tkocz
    Artur Tkocz

    I'm so happy this is being made into Netflix series!

  • Buda Petermann
    Buda Petermann

    Awesome accent by Mark Millar

  • Chris Corbett
    Chris Corbett

    Mark Millar necking Guinnesses is a mooooooooood

  • Ubayd

    Damn this sounds amazing. Definetly gonna read up before watching.

  • Djo Fortunato
    Djo Fortunato

    I'm hoping for some solid nods to Quitely's stellar artwork in some semi-animated credits or end credits. His art is easily Half the appeal of the book. So stoked for this

  • Scott Sengbush
    Scott Sengbush

    Didn't know this was coming. On of my favorite Millar books

    • akaBoG

      All of the Millerverse books are coming. Netflix bought the whole company.

  • anas 447
    anas 447

    What the hell is this? Lol never heard of this comic before.

    • anthony clarke
      anthony clarke

      @ANT-METAL Probably a really bad comparison but dragon ball has 3 generations of sayains that had the ability turning super sayain.


      Well, have you heard of Lord of the Rings and everything Shakespeare ever did? Well wonder no more, Mark Millar has done something original...Super powered beings crossed with Tolkien and the Bard! It's multi-generational! It's like the something you like, crossed with something else you like +superheroes!

  • Not RixAmoris
    Not RixAmoris

    When will the VOL.3 of jupiter's legacy and jupiter's cirlce come out???

  • Not RixAmoris
    Not RixAmoris

    D GRIFF!!!

  • Jojo Romos
    Jojo Romos

    This and Amazon’s TV show “Jupiter Legacy” is about to go crazy

    • Colby B
      Colby B

      You talking about Amazons Invincible?

    • Nd O
      Nd O

      Jupiters legacy is on netflix

  • logan holmberg
    logan holmberg

    Awesome? They showed nothing!

  • StaticLocs

    This comic is amazing!!!! im so excited for this show

  • Furry Donkey
    Furry Donkey

    This should've been animated ......😶

    • Rukevwe B
      Rukevwe B

      @ANT-METAL The show quality doesn't look any better, to be honest.


      If it was animated, it'd likely be cheaply done Warners Bruce Timm style, while it should be FF kingsglaive quality

  • Seth Grey
    Seth Grey

    Really looking forward to this. Also Josh is looking even better with age.

  • ____________

    Wait. We get this and Invincible!? Awesome!

    • Noah Kaltenbaugh
      Noah Kaltenbaugh

      Invincible is more of a mature rating show compared to this show so there is a great difference, this new Netflix show is more friendly towards the audience while invincible shows mature scenes for younger audiences

    • joe skys
      joe skys

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Talebird K
      Talebird K

      @David Henriques invincible isn't by Miller

    • David Henriques
      David Henriques

      @ANT-METAL But invincible is in Amazon


      Netflix bought the rights to all Mark Millar's works.

  • Throgga Ho-Tep
    Throgga Ho-Tep

    Sooo freaking amped for this...

  • CrownRoyal007

    Loved the interview, but Mark Millar needs to chill that excitement & learn to hold off on spoilers lol. Look forward to giving this show a peek in May.

  • P. C.
    P. C.

    Loved the comic! Hope the series is done well.

  • HKmedia

    This is HUGE...I mean HUGE.

  • excstasy311

    Hey its David from TV Talk!!!!

  • [LUIS IAN]
    [LUIS IAN]

    Can't wait

  • Mast3rBlast3r

    Never heard of this character before but Josh Duhamel is due a really cool role so I'm game.

    • Deanna Henry
      Deanna Henry


    • akaBoG

      The comic is pretty awesome.

  • Lab Clinics
    Lab Clinics

    This is Netflix's response to the boys and Invincible

    • Sowmya Ranjan Nayak
      Sowmya Ranjan Nayak

      Im pretty sure just the Invincible ep 8 has surpassed boys and JL injustice in every way, there is no way this show will surpass Invincible.

    • wIl clark
      wIl clark

      @James Biggins lol stop it

    • Jacob

      Its more of a reverse invincible than the boys lol

    • Deanna Henry
      Deanna Henry

      @Seventh Prodigy yeah

    • Deanna Henry
      Deanna Henry


  • JB

    Ah yes another depressing superhero story what a joy lol

    • anthony clarke
      anthony clarke

      Justice league Unlimited is available on Netflix if you need your Saturday morning cartoon fix.

    • iEntertain

      What are you 12

  • Anthony Allen
    Anthony Allen


  • Mikey Raff
    Mikey Raff

    " wow that was awesome "...They showed nothing in the trailer 🤣🤣🤣

    • Enigmaw Studios
      Enigmaw Studios

      Or ign gets 🤑🤑 to promote

    • salaciousBastard

      Well, it is called a teaser.

    • series 9
      series 9

      I’m thinking the same thing !! Doesn’t take much to get this guy excited!!

    • Mumbi Yamba
      Mumbi Yamba

      IKR 😂

  • canned soup
    canned soup

    sounds a lot like Dragon ball Z to me which is awesome superman and dbz are very similar..difference is that dbz has that family concept what they are talking about, and way cooler, stronger villains. idk maybe am tripping.


      It's Dragonball Z crossed with Journey to the west and Superman crossed with the Boys and the Boys crossed with Invincible! If you like Dexter, this is like Dexter crossed with "You" crossed with King Lear!

    • ____________

      If you like that premise, you really should watch Invincible when it comes out, it’s exactly what you ask for.

    • Theyungcity23

      Invincible is actually pretty similar to Dragonballz in some things. This is more like Watchmen or The Boys.

    • Bob F
      Bob F

      Superman’s been doing the family concept pretty well in the comics over the past few years and now the Superman and Lois TV show.

  • Carl Lewis
    Carl Lewis

    So its this against invincible? Lets see which one is better. Even though im a big fan of invincible comics im also excited for this

    • AscendantStoic

      @oedipa maas It can be a friendly rivalry in the spirit of competition and sportsmanship 😉

    • AscendantStoic

      Same here 👍


      @oedipa maas It's This crossed with That! It's like Garth Ennis's Crossed crossed with Manga!

    • oedipa maas
      oedipa maas

      Why does it need to be "this vs. that"?

    • Marvin Gonzalez
      Marvin Gonzalez

      @Mohamed Vall Hamed no

  • random human
    random human

    Can't wait 🤩🤩

  • Vedant Bhardwaj
    Vedant Bhardwaj

    They should have told when the trailer's gonna come.

  • Wolf Rreddingtton
    Wolf Rreddingtton

    Never heard of this character before but I'm super excited

  • kevin mansfield
    kevin mansfield

    Mark Millars's accent Is fantastic. He has written some amazing stuff. Very excited for this one.

    • traditional artist and entertainment
      traditional artist and entertainment

      Follow me

  • Wayne Nicholas
    Wayne Nicholas

    Can't wait to watch

  • IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】
    IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】

    He looks like One Punch Man's older self with hair


      It's like One Punch Man's older self crossed with Shakespeare and Hobbits!~

  • Brand

    On the nose script reading. Nice I'd actually check it out if the questions werent so generically read cut and pasted

    • Chris Berken Byrne
      Chris Berken Byrne

      Pretty sure he's just looking at them on his computer screen

  • Shivansh NA
    Shivansh NA

    Is that Scottish accent ? Reminds of limmy . Whavs haveir ?

    • Comedic Center
      Comedic Center


  • Kemal Pasha Syabilillah XI IPS 1 [18]
    Kemal Pasha Syabilillah XI IPS 1 [18]


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    Thanks you 😊

  • Dallac Ais
    Dallac Ais

    Always nice to see family strife and drama in superhero stories like in The Umbrella Academy

    • Howyaduing

      Doom patrol

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      traditional artist and entertainment

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  • Louis Benjamin
    Louis Benjamin

    Like - DC Comment- Marvel

  • Kera Hill
    Kera Hill

    Hi hart me pls

  • Albert Reyes
    Albert Reyes

    First one

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      Follow me I'm on the verge of becoming a big youtuber

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    Never Lose Forex FX

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  • Sajad Lachy
    Sajad Lachy


  • JustFalcon


    • JustFalcon

      @traditional artist and entertainment okay

  • EyE


    • traditional artist and entertainment
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      @EyE okay

    • EyE

      @traditional artist and entertainment no thanks man don’t recommend telling people just to follow u maybe just ask them just to check u out first then say if u want u should follow

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    Lewis gameing yt

    First commment

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