Cruella - Official Trailer 2 (2021) Emma Stone, Emma Thompson
Check out the new trailer for the live-action Cruella starring Emma Stone, coming to theaters and Disney Plus premier access May 28.

Emma Stone stars in Disney's Cruella, an all-new live-action feature film about the rebellious early days of one of cinemas most notorious villains, Cruella de Vil.
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  • dark matter
    dark matter

    Before anyone says shes a queen, she skins puppies for clothing

  • Blackgoldsoul

    Those Dalmatians are not going be alive at the end of the movie

  • smokey 55
    smokey 55

    Go woke go broke

  • Avocato Bobble
    Avocato Bobble

    Well, this trailer certainly gets me excited more than the last one did.

  • The Sixth Doctor
    The Sixth Doctor

    So because Cruella's tor-mentor loved dalmatians, she'll go on to see as many as she can killed and made into coats. As a middlefinger to a person we never saw again.

  • Garrett Carr
    Garrett Carr


  • southpawlibra nine
    southpawlibra nine

    Looks absolutely shite

  • Louise Wilson
    Louise Wilson

    So basically it's like the Devil Wears Prada only the main character snaps and goes on a rampage.

  • MineKurtMininer

    emma stone looks a lot like Michele fiffer's catwoman

  • Emmanuel Rayas
    Emmanuel Rayas

    im a simple man, just love emma stone

  • Raghav Khurana
    Raghav Khurana

    Disney's joker

  • mycollegeshirt

    you can almost hear the disney executives saying we want a harley quinn movie is there any popular character we can skew in her direction?

    • Raximus3000

      Because her movie was so successful, lol.

  • TheDwb8402

    Much better trailer than the first one! It's giving Disney presents: Cruella Wears Prada.

  • Titanguy

    Didn't feel the Joker comparisons in the first trailer. Certainly do this time.

  • Klay Thompson
    Klay Thompson

    Emma Stone is too sweet to be Cruella.

  • P LEE
    P LEE


  • Nick Fights
    Nick Fights

    But we only like the dogs

  • Ziaker

    Did disney just turned cruella in a Arsene Lupan?

  • pinochet geffrard
    pinochet geffrard

    Emma thompson, emma stone,.. emma watson.

  • MegaKnight2012

    So are we supposed to sympathize with the woman who plans to skin puppies for a fur coat, or what?

  • Jeric Guillermo
    Jeric Guillermo

    @1:55 It's Johnny Sins


    Walt Disney Presents Joker: Puppy Skinner

  • GeneTheMachine

    Cruella and current Disney are a match made in hell.

  • the killer sandvich
    the killer sandvich

    and seriously they make a movie about cruella devill and they dont cast helena bonham carter shes perfect for a role like this

  • MarceloA.

    We lived in a society.

  • -two

    Disney want the next girl boss to be cruella. The person who tried to kill puppies and lost is now the new girl boss

  • Ace Bowser
    Ace Bowser

    Standing ovaries

  • DishonestHonest

    Disney... are you trying to make redeemable the same character who’s original goal in life was to make a coat out of puppies

    • Digital Ghost
      Digital Ghost

      The trailer makes her look absolutely horrible and people still think they're trying to redeem her...

  • Wazowskii Time
    Wazowskii Time

    Missing 98 Dalmatians...

  • nocchi.


  • 1Way Road
    1Way Road

    Who is this movie even for?

  • f z
    f z

    Disney's own joker

  • KeiosKod

    The Twisted stage play made a joke about this. To think it actually came true.

  • GC Rovario-Cole
    GC Rovario-Cole

    Yeah, she still wants to skin puppies. You really can't make her relatable.

  • Cyber Tune
    Cyber Tune


  • Dick Trickle
    Dick Trickle

    So she was ridiculed for her work and now is angry and wants revenge and make an impact? Sounds like batman villains Selina Kyle/Catwoman Joker Poison Ivy Penguin BORING! Pass on this as usual

  • A's World
    A's World

    No one: Disney: check this out


    Everyone in the comments: 👁 👄 👁 Also everyone in the comments: one ticket please

  • FaIm Zu
    FaIm Zu

    "I'd like to remind you all that I'm doing this in heels" A woman that outrun T-Rex with heels: Finally, a worthy oppenent!!


    Joker: Female remake

  • Gabriel Walters
    Gabriel Walters

    Damn! Emma Stone is Perfect as Mary Jane in Red hair. Why marvel and Sony didn't do this in tasm films

  • Leo

    Think of Devil Wears Prada mixed w Joker


    Maybe we learn why she hates dogs from this

  • Zio Slayer99
    Zio Slayer99

    She literally wants to skin puppies

  • Rebel Riot
    Rebel Riot

    *Dog Lady*

  • basusenology

    the battle of the Emmas

  • SkaterZombie

    Was wondering if they were going to put the dalmatians in the movie. Thats cool.

  • Krust Bruh
    Krust Bruh

    1:54 didn't know Agent 47 was owned by Disney

  • Juan Lontorin
    Juan Lontorin

    Maybe this Cruella have no connection to Cruella in 101 Dalmantion, just like joker 2019 have no connection with joker in batman movie

  • Hanzo Yamazaki
    Hanzo Yamazaki

    Origins of a animal abuser. What's next the origin's of Jafar?

    • Dick Trickle
      Dick Trickle

      Shush! Dont give them ideas! Let them use their brain and do something original for once!

  • Kevin Kevdzija
    Kevin Kevdzija

    No wonder her world is so black and white

  • Jayden Espinosa
    Jayden Espinosa

    ♪ Cruella de vil ♪

  • R awgers
    R awgers

    Emma Stone looks like she's going to be great in this, but I'm not on board with them trying to have us feel sympathy for her

  • Nicole Ellingwood
    Nicole Ellingwood

    It’s like a “Disney Harley Quinn!” 😂

  • Mark were
    Mark were

    That dress is foolish, unhinged ooh you're fired that's what made her angry , problems with horrible bosses

  • David Hopper
    David Hopper

    Great trailer bro

  • BlueTemplar En Taro Brian!
    BlueTemplar En Taro Brian!

    Also, because of Emma Stone's giant eyes, this is technically an anime.

  • Leonel Leyva
    Leonel Leyva

    Is Disney trying to make us like a person who wants to skin dogs for their fur?

  • Poloni De La Mata
    Poloni De La Mata

    Looks bad

  • JimBambi

    Why is Emma Stone so beautiful?! 😁

  • jbroti 004
    jbroti 004

    Imagine if this movie came out during the height of the emo kids days.

  • Mališa Jevremović
    Mališa Jevremović

    so basically Cruella Quinn

  • Lwize

    The Disney Wears Prada

  • Bat Nik
    Bat Nik

    Emma vs Emma. How will be the most cruel?

  • macêdo

    emma thompson !!!!

  • CookiesOnaMilkyRiver

    Very excite!!!

  • Migs

    Disney's joker

  • Gabriel Rosalez
    Gabriel Rosalez

    This reminds me of that one question on the Eric Andre show where he asks the guest if they think Margaret Thatcher had girl-power.

  • Wonder _ Wombat
    Wonder _ Wombat

    So excited for this! The visuals here look FANTASTIC.

  • smithsfan425

    Emma have the look out for this one.

  • Gabriel Castaneda
    Gabriel Castaneda

    Joker comparisons for days

  • Ben Law
    Ben Law

    Sounds a bit shake weighty ✊

  • Saúl Villalobos
    Saúl Villalobos

    And that.... is how society drove me to skin 100 dogs to make a coat

  • Dinah Kyle
    Dinah Kyle

    This year The DeVil Gets Her Due CRUELLA 5. 28. 21.

  • Thais B.
    Thais B.

    The Cruella wears Prada?

  • Alextromagnetic

    Goth Emma Stone? Yes please

  • Kiss My Ass Dickhead
    Kiss My Ass Dickhead

    So that's how she hates everyone in the city and control people like pets with loyalty and obedience.

  • Rio

    If Harley Queen worked for Miranda Priestly on Devil Wears Prada

  • Matheus BR
    Matheus BR

    Algum brasileiro aqui ???

  • Kevin Sheppard
    Kevin Sheppard

    I'm surprised Eva Green isn't playing this role.

  • Yrena Lantigua
    Yrena Lantigua

    Everyone else is am obstacle. The future. Cruella

  • InvaderPet

    Emma vs. Emma: The Movie

  • Stephen Henderson
    Stephen Henderson

    Maleficent & Cruella whose next? Ursula was misunderstood? Lady Tremaine just wanted to be loved? Yzma had a fear of Alpaca’s? Madame Medusa was just an exterminator? Disney has officially run out of ideas


    She. Back.

  • Pokerface

    Disney legit trying to make an antihero out of a woman who wanted to skin dogs.

    • Dick Trickle
      Dick Trickle

      Scraping for cash

  • Romio Pac
    Romio Pac


  • WhatTheFuckIsThat

    Damn ur telling me Cruella just single handedly beat up guards

  • Starberry Poptart
    Starberry Poptart

    Not going to watch a movie about a Puppy killing monster, try to humanize her all you want, pass.

  • Jordan Tranchino
    Jordan Tranchino

    Parasite trailer music?

  • Olaf Benjamin
    Olaf Benjamin

    Why go with Cruella when you have Yzma

  • CaptainTalon448

    All Disney needed was Emma Watson and we would've had the trifecta of Emmas

  • vintageoriginallegit

    Why so many Emma’s

  • 와르르빌라

    My favorite actors!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!

  • Aiden Hutchison
    Aiden Hutchison

    What's next, a spin off movie about that hunter in Tarzan ?

    • Lemuel Delvalle
      Lemuel Delvalle

      Clayton,he’s a lunatic extremist hunter using tactical intelligence with technology.

    • bedside table
      bedside table

      a solo movie about the guy who shot bambis mom

  • Captain 420
    Captain 420

    Harlequin PG

  • Ava Cherubin
    Ava Cherubin

    Still, nobody’s gonna talk about how long that dress is? Actually, what is there to talk about, anyway?

  • Saad Nabil
    Saad Nabil

    This gotta be a certified FRESH along with Joker!

    • bedside table
      bedside table

      its gonna be a certified "everyone will forget about a month after its released"

  • Grim

    Who else is only here for the Dalmatians?

  • Magnawhiff TV
    Magnawhiff TV

    The Devil Wears Dalmatian.

  • Killa Kennie
    Killa Kennie

    So cruella turned into a dc villain?