Batman Beyond - The Classic Nobody Wanted
Batman Beyond is undeniably a classic entry into Batman lore. It's unique vision of a futuristic Gotham and the young Terry McGinnis taking on the mantle of the Dark Knight from an aging Bruce Wayne forges an incredible new path for the Caped Crusader, but the thing is... nobody thought it was a good idea. So how did an idea nobody wanted turn into a fan favorite that's just as iconic 20 years later? This is the Inside Story of the unlikely and unwanted origins of the Batman of the Future!
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  • David Alan Gay
    David Alan Gay

    Inque was the best of Terry's villains.

  • Membrane

    Well it had the best animation in a single batman show

  • Purple Skunk
    Purple Skunk

    This was awesome and Batman Gotham City.

  • Tullock

    This was my favorite show but when his friend (Max) found out his secret. It ruined most of the episodes for me.

  • Il H
    Il H

    Wait, the guys in charge of the 90s Batman series were Bruce and Andrea?

  • Slimbo Dynomite
    Slimbo Dynomite

    Love the WB cartoons...they raise the bar.

  • Frost Aurora
    Frost Aurora

    *looks at title* IGN I'd tread carefully with that. Many people loved Batman Beyond, so when you say no one wanted it, people start coming out of the woodwork ready to defend their childhood

  • Kenneth Carlorio Surilla
    Kenneth Carlorio Surilla

    Can anybody tell me which batman film or animated is the 1 at 1:24??? Thanks!

    • Athkotor

      It's batman arkham knight the game

  • Victor Ortiz
    Victor Ortiz

    Man, the intro of this show... Epic.

  • SG 66
    SG 66

    All ways thought it was an odd idea. Interesting origins. A shame they couldn't continue with Batman and say, focus some episodes on Robin or Batgirl. Teen element right there.

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark

    this was an underrated show which would have made a great movie

  • Flexxx Strong
    Flexxx Strong

    The fact we never got a movie for this is mind boggling

  • Rob Rose
    Rob Rose

    They could've just done stories based on the Robins.

  • ADHDeveloper

    Grew up on this show. Amazing.

  • Patrick Keefer
    Patrick Keefer

    The description should of been, the Batman cartoon that nobody knew they wanted.

  • Sajid Mahmood
    Sajid Mahmood

    Batman Beyond was dope! One of my favorite shows growing up.

  • Ghost Host
    Ghost Host

    This show is spot on about the future of drugs. when they combine VR with drugs, I'd expect this to become real

  • Coose Ma Goose
    Coose Ma Goose

    Here cuz of *Batman Beyond Fanpage* Great video

  • Kainoa Tandy
    Kainoa Tandy

    My dad used to play Batman beyond for me as a kid. Thanks for taking me a trip back down nostalgia road!

  • Sugar Ray
    Sugar Ray

    *Here me out Hollywood* A Batman Beyond movie set in the year 2021, with Michael Keaton as old man Bruce Wayne.

  • HT Hammer
    HT Hammer

    Make this a movie with Michael Keaton

  • DD Studios
    DD Studios

    Such a sick animated show

  • Thomas Brandon Kovacs
    Thomas Brandon Kovacs

    loved it!

  • REIGN's World
    REIGN's World

    Plot twist: Bruce conspired with Joker to kill Terry's dad so that he would be motivated to become the new Batman.

  • plasticweapon

    this show impressed me, especially blight.

  • the lonely driver
    the lonely driver

    its sad bc kids nowadays only get teen titans go

  • Dylan Wolfram
    Dylan Wolfram

    This needs to become a movie series

  • oblivexx

    Akira Toiyama gets pestered to high hell for more Dragball mythos and he caves in, a lot.

  • Muhammad Arly
    Muhammad Arly

    Really ?? "The classic nobody wanted" BATMAN BEYOND is my most fav Batman animated series ever.

  • Trevgo Wilde
    Trevgo Wilde




  • ARI 2020
    ARI 2020

    This story is amazing. Thank y'all for putting this together 🤟🏾

  • 友菜

    Batman Beyond was the highlight of many afternoons for me as a kid. such a great story and the animation style was awesome


    Batman Beyond was fantastic! one of the best animated series ever

  • francisco arredondo
    francisco arredondo

    batman beyond was so lit. They should make a movie out of this instead of rebooting batman over each year. With Afleck as old bruce wayne.

    • Smokey Mcb
      Smokey Mcb

      Michael Keaton as a retired Bruce Wayne is a better choice because he played Batman back in 1989

  • thesinaclwon

    Darwyn had such a awesome art style. It was simple yet if you are an artist you know it’s complicated.

  • Takohma psn
    Takohma psn

    This show brings back memories from not having responsibility lol.

  • Rigz Movie Diaries
    Rigz Movie Diaries

    Batman Beyond is a miracle. They used a totally bonkers idea and it worked so well.

  • Avenged84

    Make a new series, a movie and a game already goddammit.

  • MyThoughtsBelow

    Bro, these guys gave us Harley Quinn and Batman Beyond. Instantly legends.

  • Travis Harger
    Travis Harger

    Why does the voice of Batman look like the Green Goblin?

  • Dem0nflare

    WB kids One Piece dub lol, how far dubs have come.

  • David Cripps
    David Cripps

    Has Bruce Timm had any duds?

  • ll baKa ll
    ll baKa ll

    The show was d o p e

  • GuiguiWilli

    This serie is great, full respect for Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, Andrea Romano...

  • Anush Nutakki
    Anush Nutakki

    This series' is far ahead of it's time

  • Leonardo da Vinci
    Leonardo da Vinci

    Batman Beyond was the closest we got to the original animated series, you shut your whiney mouths.

  • Parker

    This was probably one of, if not the best IGN videos I've ever seen, nicely done!

  • Scott B
    Scott B

    Imagine working on a Batman show and your name is Bruce

  • Scott B
    Scott B

    Will from boy meets world

  • M S
    M S

    Batman Beyond's Ace 😎 Fingers crossed for a Michael Keaton-played old Bruce Wayne someday 🤞🏻

  • Send Kite
    Send Kite

    Before technology ruined our lives well the way we use technology ehhem

  • waxpants

    to this day it still has the best intro song

  • thetramp123

    What if Spider-Man was Batman in the future?

  • C biss
    C biss

    Dude this channel is killing it

  • Andrew Orders
    Andrew Orders

    The Barbara Gordon stuff kind of kills it for mr

  • Danny Foglesong
    Danny Foglesong

    It really is criminal that we have got a Batman beyond game from Rocksteady

  • Steven Vaughn
    Steven Vaughn

    Damn this makes me want to go back and re-watch Batman Beyond again.

  • david mckesey
    david mckesey

    Loved this show as a kid

  • Kuya Leo
    Kuya Leo

    How did you all react when Justice League Unlimited tied in Batman Beyond Lore and we find out that Terry is basically Bruce's Son?

  • ZacktheZabarak

    Batman meets Spider-Man is the perfect analogy for this masterpiece

  • Sleepy Gary
    Sleepy Gary

    This show -was- _IS_ fire. End of story. 🖐🏼🎤

  • X Perk
    X Perk

    Who’s ready for Batman Beyond Go! ?!?!

  • Sara Taylor
    Sara Taylor

    "Hesitancy"? Or "hesitation"?

  • 9aracna TM
    9aracna TM


  • ThaRealERAQ

    the real bruce waynes parents were a blood sacrifice to make the batman successful for generations.

  • Mayooran Thevakumaran
    Mayooran Thevakumaran

    Why didn't they just make a sequel to Nightwing

  • vokasi mid
    vokasi mid

    It will be cool if Bruce Kent be a part of SnyderVerse

  • Awesome Aarmon
    Awesome Aarmon

    This was my favorite Batman , it's crazy how it don't really get talked about alot

  • Codex

    Awesome content, but the cutting of the interview segments to the tv with worse audio was very hard to watch

  • 0g0dn0

    Batman Beyond is the show the Jackie Chan Batman wanted to be. The Jackie Chan Batman is the show everyone was afraid Batman Beyond would become.

  • dakotab291

    Is this the CineFix guy doing the narration?

  • Speakatron

    Great video IGN! Stepping your game up, for sure.

  • Isi R
    Isi R

    Great video, thank you!

  • Sazzad Al WaHeD
    Sazzad Al WaHeD

    So spider-man kindof inspired Batman Beyond as well. Glad to know tho Batman Beyond was also so original & fresh which is why this inspiration Isn’t brought up

  • Robert Loyale
    Robert Loyale

    It was green lit because WB was able to keep a majority of its IP. The real problem was that there was no villains. Inque and powers was the only interesting original villains. But the old villains started showing up again.

  • Dominique Jones
    Dominique Jones

    The music of the show was dope

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen

    Nobody wanted? We friggin' LOVED it!!!

  • aimeJorge

    The best batman series Like Frank Miller said, Batman is a very flexible character

  • Knight of Arkronia
    Knight of Arkronia

    Don’t you mean “The Classic Nobody Knew They Wanted?”

    • Seven Ellen
      Seven Ellen

      Here here!

  • Dom x
    Dom x

    the opening of this and MIB were the best. And the shows themselves were amazing. Best choldhood shows.

  • J!nx

    He's kind of the miles morales of batman

  • AXL

    They need to bring this show back. Should be a continuation from JL Unlimiteds Terry and Bruce is in his 80s.

  • Lucca Caixeta
    Lucca Caixeta

    No one could convince me why Batman Beyond and The Spectacular Spider Man were cancelled

  • Brendan Connell
    Brendan Connell

    10:09 Proof why THESE shows are the only DC universe beyond the comics. - take care, slainte chugat

  • J G
    J G

    HBO Max needs to do more Beyond, set after Return of the joker. Age terry a year or two, do multi episode story arcs and run it all the way to JLU Epilogue. For the original Batman revival, last scene needs to be the first scene of beyond. Also would like to see what happened to penguin, clay face, two face and riddler.

  • Andrew Minor
    Andrew Minor

    IT’S COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TalalioisKewl

    best movie tho

  • Johny Prondz
    Johny Prondz

    More like Batman Beyond. The best Batman show ever made that none of us knew we needed.

  • Jonathan Alvarez
    Jonathan Alvarez

    “With the constantly-changing state of the DC film universe, the future of Batman Beyond is always filled with hope.” That’s such a kind, generous statement. DC needs to get its films straightened out before they go anywhere near the Beyond universe.

    • techfreak111

      OR we can reboot the whole universe with static and batman beyond think about it

  • Abraham Ebuka
    Abraham Ebuka

    It's crazy, the WB execs of that time aren't the WB execs of now. The current ones just seem to be making all the bad decisions.

  • Shadow Nite Entertainment
    Shadow Nite Entertainment

    The only two characters that were truly the next Batman were nightwing and terry mcginnis

  • Andres

    you are implying this was accepted at some point? when lol

  • Tacitus Kilgore
    Tacitus Kilgore

    I remember seeing previews for batman beyond and hating it. As a child I hated the idea of a teenage batman. I was so connected to TAS's batman and I wanted nothing else but that. After watching a 6 or 7 episodes I was sold. Coming back to batman beyond years later I hate my younger self for even being against the idea of Batman Beyond. They handled that show with great care and respect

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    Batman Beyond is on HBO Max

  • Daksh Pat
    Daksh Pat

    I'd imagine batman beyond would have a killer anime adaptation.

  • Sosa Wayne 01
    Sosa Wayne 01

    Best Batman series ever

  • Chris Deleon
    Chris Deleon

    A Batman Beyond movie or game would be great

  • Doug Life
    Doug Life

    More like a classic I never knew I needed. I loved this show as a kid.

  • Kelom Kobom
    Kelom Kobom

    fantastic show