Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX - Exclusive Official Release Date Trailer
Take a look at some of the retro platforming goodness that awaits you in Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, the modern take on the Sega Master System classic. It will be released on June 24 for PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Wishlist it on Steam here:
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  • Al To
    Al To

    Me pregunto si pusieron variantes de habilidades como golpear pared y se queda pegado para más variación, usar palma en el aire para salto doble o cortar cosas y afectar entorno, más loco, guiños a pong de evadir o demás, sugerencia, se ve bueno el plataformero pero en opinión personal, le pondría guiños a sunsoft el vampirito y otros, sin dejar de tener su estilo y esencia, sugerencia.

  • Anthony Oliver
    Anthony Oliver

    Alex Kidd: “You saved me, why?” Sega: “Hedgehog” Everyone:.....

  • PCachu

    All right, who had "Alex Kidd remake" on their Signs Of The Apocalypse bingo cards?

  • Vive

    Gon from HxH would be great DLC for this game

  • Team Blue Toad
    Team Blue Toad

    Our boi has returned!

  • Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira

    Yes!!! Yessss!!!! YEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • not sure 2021
    not sure 2021

    Hope the bonaza bros return and chuchu rocket for consoles

  • Joshua Monk
    Joshua Monk

    So Sega is not publishing the game?

  • adam antium
    adam antium


  • Ulieq

    Nostolgia done right

  • games and music
    games and music


  • anvb5a1

    Yes guys, we get to be 11 again!

  • Thy

    Não vejo a hora de jogar *-*

  • David Affieri
    David Affieri

    NETA? Teniendo el potencial de las consolas y la oportunidad de hacer algo bueno, salen con un juego PIXELEADO? mejor no hubieran sacado NADA.

  • Axel Prino
    Axel Prino

    Sega: oh, you're doing the work for us? Here, have a license to publish it Nintendo: if you so much as think about our IP we'll send our lawyers after you

  • Bruno Weiss
    Bruno Weiss

    Que lindo...

  • edumagatsu

    Is this real life?

  • Unkown7able

    Once upon a time ✨ So happy to see it back ‘

  • Cardozo Alves
    Cardozo Alves

    A new Golden Axe, E-Swat, Shinobi and Altered Beast with new levels and animals morphs are welcome.

  • TheRetroLog

    Two guys make a remake of a beloved game. Sega: Come Aboard!! Two guys make a remake a beloved Nintendo game. Nintendo: CEASE AND DECIST.

  • TheRetroLog

    Honestly this is great, Alex Kidd was such a comfort platformer.

  • Giles F. Ahrun
    Giles F. Ahrun

    Is Parplin a Majin Boo Reference?

  • Alen Fora
    Alen Fora

    Played alex on the sega mega drive that was a while ago

  • Dr Revert
    Dr Revert

    Around 0:33 a faint Discord notification can be heard

  • Chaz Peddicord
    Chaz Peddicord

    So they bought the license from SEGA? That honestly needed to happen because Alex Kidd was a gem, and who knows. Maybe he can beat Sonic this time if we give him another chance.

  • JPaul C
    JPaul C

    Other Master System games I'd like to see remastered: Golvellius, Golden Axe Warrior and Wonder Boy 2

  • NovaStrike


  • CO5MA

    The original was fun...

  • FunicTheFudgehog

    We sure lucked out.

  • The Henry And Charles Channel
    The Henry And Charles Channel

    So sega is not going to be working on this?

  • Ryan's Official Channel
    Ryan's Official Channel

    No way thst they're remastering the old SEGA Mascot!

  • GioGio's Bizzare Adventure
    GioGio's Bizzare Adventure

    0:08 "Turning all the inhabitants into stone statues" hm, *dr alex it is*

  • Jesse Thompson
    Jesse Thompson

    Wait what?

  • momentsmeanmore

    HOLY-- Alex Kidd is coming out of RETIREMENT?!? 🤜💥

  • william martins
    william martins


  • Heard a rumor
    Heard a rumor

    Preferred shanobi world. That was a little game.

  • SpoonfishLee


  • Trikki Clips
    Trikki Clips


  • Ciro Aldorisio
    Ciro Aldorisio

    0:11 wow, mario really did die then

  • Jakub Keller
    Jakub Keller

    This actually looks amazing 👏

  • Nakatomi Uk
    Nakatomi Uk

    About time another Master System game was remade it was a great system, I'd love to see a remake of Sonic the Hedgehog games off that very console number 2 with the hang glider (yes kids a hang glider before Far cry games) was annoying hard to get and keep in the air

  • Rileyalt Studios!
    Rileyalt Studios!

    Getting serious wonderboy flashbacks, has sega sold the brand?

  • HaveButOneLife

    Congrats Alex for your big comeback!

  • Nicola Selvaggio
    Nicola Selvaggio

    Sono tornato bambino per qualche minuto

  • Danny Idrovo
    Danny Idrovo

    Doesn’t really look so great to me. Hope y’all enjoy

  • Mad Jinjo
    Mad Jinjo

    alex kidd is back baby!

  • Efren Moreno
    Efren Moreno

    Wow, it's alive... Wow

  • Rogerio

    Wow, no switch?

  • A R
    A R

    Alex Kid fue una pendejada sin carisma, un intento de sega, no le llegó a mario

  • Crazy Old Skool
    Crazy Old Skool

    This is awesome

  • Missing Number
    Missing Number

    Looks charming

  • Rokolio

    @sega should think about Ristar and comix zone

  • Enes Çetinkal
    Enes Çetinkal

    Lets get sued by Nintendo

  • theboy181

    smile to my face!

  • Tabby the kitten
    Tabby the kitten

    he's back bois

  • Asher Tye
    Asher Tye

    Could rarely beat those rock paper scissors fights

  • Reuben Chadwick
    Reuben Chadwick

    Looks beautiful

  • framebyframe

    Need a Switch Version

  • Christian Villalobos
    Christian Villalobos

    Wow even Alex gets a game before Sonic

  • Jesse Lamb
    Jesse Lamb

    they modeled the bad guys after rock, paper, scissors. . . can't say I've seen that before.

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos

    Sun, two waves, moon, star, sun.. just the strongest (and oldest) can complete it!

  • Serious Spike Sam
    Serious Spike Sam

    Lotta weights will be dropped at the Rock, Paper, Scissors games...

  • ScrappyLampy


  • wowimraffa

    now do restar

  • Spicygolf

    After 30 years he is back

  • Joshua Allen
    Joshua Allen

    All we need is a new sonic game and SEGA will be back on top.👍

  • Tony Henson
    Tony Henson

    Remake Alex Kidd in Shinobi World!!!

  • Crashing Blow
    Crashing Blow

    Alright! What is it with these old Sega franchises coming back to life? First Streets of Rage, now Alex Kidd. What's next? Golden Axe? Ristar? ToeJam and Earl? SHINOBI?! COMIX ZONE!? Ladies and gentlemen! This year, 2021, is the year of SEGA!

  • Brion02

    00:38 - they even included the bull & bear guy :)

  • AidenBlaze07

    When sega cares more about this than their flagship series

    • Orlando Garcia
      Orlando Garcia

      Oh shut up

  • Robert the stickman plays games
    Robert the stickman plays games

    He is back

  • SlobbyRobby

    is this donkey kong

  • moisescrp

    Joguei muuuuito no meu master system! Que saudade!!!

  • VC


  • Gustavo M's Trash Can
    Gustavo M's Trash Can

    My... childhood... *back breaks*

  • 400 milhões de inscritos sem vídeo -
    400 milhões de inscritos sem vídeo -

    Gotta go fast

  • Elijah Kaddu
    Elijah Kaddu

    This is basically Alex Kidd Mania

  • SikthYGameS

    omg childhood reborn

  • rétro games
    rétro games

    Day one obligé toute mon enfance sur master systèm....à quand un shinobi ???

  • Elvice OS
    Elvice OS


  • Hi Boy
    Hi Boy

    Can't wait.

  • Junior Martins
    Junior Martins

    Que foda !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar

    He’s back Sonic

  • AshKirby

    0:56 Cool, so you can switch between modern and retro graphics, just like in the remake of Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap!😄🤩😎👌

  • AshKirby

    Omgosh, how many classic games are making a comeback this year?😮😱🤯😄🤩😎👌

  • zecle

    He flies with an actual cane this time.

  • Alianger

    Any info on gameplay changes or additions?

  • randomsword10

    Can't wait to lose every single game of Rock Paper Scissors

  • Mamodokod

    Alex kidd deserves this comeback

  • sjnetkings

    Not as great as Alex Kidd.EXE.

  • Razr Sliq
    Razr Sliq

    Alex Kid was my first ever sega owned video game. SEGA Master System.

  • Juan Carlos Tinajero Acevedo
    Juan Carlos Tinajero Acevedo

    that child does not know him or his mother

  • Gero González Díaz
    Gero González Díaz


  • Potato


  • Daniele Haran
    Daniele Haran

    Hi, Radaxian fellows!

  • Lucas Modesto Cruz
    Lucas Modesto Cruz


  • j1m306987

    Finally get a platinum trophy for Alex "the" kidd :)

  • Fairfax Video Mk.2
    Fairfax Video Mk.2

    So very excited.

  • Treinador Vermelho
    Treinador Vermelho

    Old Games Are Returning With Glory

  • Plazzy

    This video game is perfect