Abandoned - Official Announcement Teaser Trailer
Get a look at the teaser trailer for this upcoming first-person, cinematic horror survival shooter game that emulates realistic survival, set in an open world environment.

Abandoned is headed to PlayStation 5 in Q4 2021.
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  • Marshall Thornhill
    Marshall Thornhill

    How does this have so many likes 😂

  • vulgarscreams

    The inconsistent accent and ps2 graphics make this look like a major pass, for me.

  • Kage Onyx
    Kage Onyx

    Looks horrible

  • veev

    this voice is annoying

  • StickyLegend

    It’s looks pretty nice but that frame rate is very very sad.

  • Hds406

    April Fools - The Game

  • Pierson Gest
    Pierson Gest

    haha wow who wrote this garbage...thanks for showing us some pretty desolate landscape....triple A game developers are dumb AF

  • MookieDTRT90

    Literally the intro was screaming "Oh so you mean The Forest?"

  • ??

    Welcome to re7 blair witch outlast 2


    "you are a prey" has gun*

  • bio jui
    bio jui

    Talk about show don't tell, wth is this

  • JimJam's Music and Gaming
    JimJam's Music and Gaming

    Lmao wtf was that?

  • Strong Divine King
    Strong Divine King

    One of the worst trailers i've seen in a long time.

  • TomE

    Oh yea that 5 fps xD Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • kade

    wow a survival horror with shooting does it have crafting too?

  • Joshua Dallas
    Joshua Dallas

    10 fps fire

  • Percival Flores
    Percival Flores

    The dislikes are half as many as the likes. This game may be Abandoned by gamers of they don't improve their trailer.

  • Angiak Valtiel
    Angiak Valtiel

    10fps trees emu

  • RaiJin ThunderKurg
    RaiJin ThunderKurg

    turn speed to 1.5 will be better :v

  • His_Majesty

    The game seemed genuinely interesting UNTIL she started talking about the cult... at that moment it turned into a short story homework assignment of a 12 year old. Much narrative. Such edgy.

  • TW JumboMan
    TW JumboMan

    trees and bricks

  • Romulus Maximus
    Romulus Maximus

    Ew was this captured in 11 fps ?

  • Granteus

    even the audio quality was lackluster. no thank

  • Joni Laitala
    Joni Laitala


  • Wu Wei
    Wu Wei

    narrator is trying too hard here....

  • 1984rockabilly

    Lol better bring this to series x. It seems PS5 is running this game with 20fps 😜😜😜😂

  • Jared J.
    Jared J.

    Cringey Resident Evil

  • dömp it
    dömp it

    life in Russia simulator?

  • RottenJeeves

    Id rather fight for a better narrator.

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood

    That was 90 seconds of listening to an aggressive Karen having an issue with me looking at her trees.. 🙄

  • Ashanti Caesar
    Ashanti Caesar

    Lmao they ran out of names for games lol

  • TafTabTah

    She says "anything" weird

  • J'The Cop
    J'The Cop

    Sounds like a fun Tuesday

  • Jackass200018

    Definitely resident evil "inspired"

  • mashi DO
    mashi DO

    60 frames per minute..

  • riloe


  • Mr Man
    Mr Man

    ok? is this a game?

  • bamb0ostick

    When you were trying to wow an audience in revealing your project, you have Black Myth Wukong and then you have this.

  • Itz Adam
    Itz Adam

    24 FPS so much for next gen gaming

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 715

    Great graphics till you see a mannequin hand holding that gun.

  • Ukulele Kielce
    Ukulele Kielce

    Looks promising graphicly!I thought its real life footage watching this on smartphone screen:)

  • Game review
    Game review

    Worst trailer of all time!

  • Trick Room
    Trick Room

    what the hell is this?

  • Jericho

    Erzurum V3.0

  • Killian Conaty
    Killian Conaty

    Is it just me or does she sound like Homelander's publicist?

  • The Last Dad on Earth
    The Last Dad on Earth

    Why even bother releasing this? This is a completely useless trailer.

  • WaGOn GameS
    WaGOn GameS

    вот это вот дерьмо от каджимы мать его гения?! вот это поворот!

  • Jonathan Ballinger
    Jonathan Ballinger

    Her speech is a reason not to play this game.

  • GhostOfSolomon

    glad that im not the only one who thinks the narration was abit much - the release of this trailer feels rushed. anyway will wait for gameplay

  • Taras Luk
    Taras Luk

    30 fps next gen

  • Potato Enjoyer
    Potato Enjoyer

    woah great gameplay /s

  • Prince

    So it's a PS5 exclusive, has horrible game performance and looks like a generic survival game. I'll be looking for it....

  • Jesus Tyrone Christ
    Jesus Tyrone Christ

    "Ayo, we have one map with too many unoptimized assets, what should we do?" "Trailer on IGN"

  • Rusenali Yildirim
    Rusenali Yildirim

    Who tf is this woman? She ruined the whole trailer.

  • Alex Wenger
    Alex Wenger

    It's not the title at the end of the video, it's sony's reassurance that they won't let this sort of voice over go gold.

  • mahmoud alsebaai
    mahmoud alsebaai

    Stop with the first person horror game’s We have enough already

  • BeliveInUrself


  • TheMinionShrek

    How people spread the theory that this was a new game from Kojima? Seriously why?

  • Anatoly Khmelenko
    Anatoly Khmelenko

    Tech demo with 15-20 fps and really bad fire. Nice 👍

  • Liam B
    Liam B

    That character shadow though lol

  • Порфирий Иванов
    Порфирий Иванов

    Когда выйдет?

  • Lurchi88

    Only in 20 fps no thanks

  • Macharia

    Abandoned < Medium

    • chahine gaming
      chahine gaming

      Not like the medium at all this look bad

  • Disco

    The narration is what results from filling gender/race hiring quotas.

  • spiros botos
    spiros botos

    Game looks beautiful but the hand is hilarious it's like 8bit

  • Game one
    Game one

    🔥 effect 1998

  • Evil Horde
    Evil Horde

    it has to be the worst announcement trailer in the history of announcement trailers. thats a nope from me, dawg.

  • James Brookes
    James Brookes

    This makes me appreciate *REAL* voice actors so much.

  • Bobeo

    Can already imagine the headache & vomit inducing headshake.

  • Joseph D.
    Joseph D.

    That was awful, very awful

  • Jorge Tobar
    Jorge Tobar

    The name is perfect for a development studio that has abandoned the only 2 games they have worked on

  • Nero Serrano
    Nero Serrano

    Re4 vr?

  • dogo dogo
    dogo dogo

    they download free assets on net, put this and that in unreal engine

  • MisterFox1986

    mmmmmmm....low fps

  • harry dixson
    harry dixson


  • Elías González
    Elías González

    Is this 2002 again?

  • Eduardo Canha
    Eduardo Canha


  • Paradoxpizza

    1:10 and this game is coming out on PS5?

  • Emordnilap Eht
    Emordnilap Eht

    Away from your "lust ones"?

  • Alvin F
    Alvin F

    Sooooo Outlast lol

  • Logan Willhite
    Logan Willhite

    Away from your lust ones?


    This frame is so lower

  • Corbin March
    Corbin March

    Well we have officially finished making the campfire. Perfect! Now let's make the trailer!

  • Denver Stewart
    Denver Stewart

    Abandoned. Yes, this game will be abandoned

  • jonathan c
    jonathan c

    why is his hand shiny

  • FilmedIt Studios
    FilmedIt Studios

    Is this game gonna get Abandoned?

  • James alexander Taylor
    James alexander Taylor

    You can imagine the games company gave their employees a big wad of cash and 3 months to make an astounding trailer but instead they all went to vegas, blew the money on gambling , crack and hookers and then just shot some sh*t in the woods and cobbled together this 2 days before they handed it in. Hoping they could get away with it !! Newsflash guys ya didn't !!!

  • Mausi

    they lost me at ps5 exclusive

  • nana


  • HeroesFuturo

    Jajajaajaj que asco

  • Yungbeck

    Wow that was terrible.

  • Video Nomad
    Video Nomad

    Was here

  • Jonas Petty
    Jonas Petty

    Graphics are great, frames are horrible and the gameplay is weird. The hand looks like a ps2 hand tho.

  • Glen Hunter
    Glen Hunter

    Day z lmao

  • Glen Hunter
    Glen Hunter

    Away from lust ones???

  • Derpanus Maximus
    Derpanus Maximus


  • E Wilko
    E Wilko

    Outlast 2 by the sounds of it with a religious cult sorta thing

  • Grayson Draven
    Grayson Draven

    "I'm already bored and confused"- Stewie Griffin

  • Ewald Wip
    Ewald Wip

    Thumbs up coming soon.

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo

    So supposedly this is another Hideo Kojima game...