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  • Jonathan Suryo
    Jonathan Suryo

    10:29 wrong game Kassandra, wrong game

  • MERO Chicago
    MERO Chicago

    I’d rather give spider a chance after what CDPR did to us

  • Noodle boi
    Noodle boi

    Trailer sus

  • Robert Murzynski
    Robert Murzynski

    reminds me of unreal tournament

  • StaticYonder

    Just came here because Scott Cawthorne just got cancelled So sad

  • Nam

    Just Take All Of My Money And Give It To Me Already

  • Zamari Thompson
    Zamari Thompson

    whelp time to get back on brawlhalla

  • Simon Arques
    Simon Arques

    That boss is very passive... Otherwise the gameplay looks cool

  • David Dychko
    David Dychko

    DO.NOT.BUY.THIS. Show EA you want change!

  • Chas L.
    Chas L.

    Is that Tamatoa narrating?

  • Osmost Air 1
    Osmost Air 1

    C'est normal en Russie !

  • Doubling RP
    Doubling RP

    Can't wait to buy ultimate edition for a big % cut a week after release

  • Doug Zbikowski
    Doug Zbikowski

    OK, they're definitely just picking random words out of a hat to come up with movie ideas now. Truffle....pig....lost.....::writes script::

  • Lanz Aeryll
    Lanz Aeryll


  • Talha Abedin
    Talha Abedin

    So GIGANTOSAURUS will be the main villain this time? 🤔

  • Cello Van der vegte
    Cello Van der vegte

    It’s not even on PlayStation store right ?

  • Glitchy Gamer.
    Glitchy Gamer.

    That’s all great but unless they get rid of quick chat it’s completely in vein

  • Dylan Doyle
    Dylan Doyle

    This man would have hated Dark souls...

  • joshlopezgod

    Can’t wait to get all the sets!!

  • Migg Beast
    Migg Beast

    Gta 6 will be released on Ps6 not Ps5 !

  • omegafan101

    Literally every other Pokemon in the trailer: Reverts back to 1st evolution. Pikachu, Lucario, Mr. Mime AND Snorlax: Hahah. Evolutions go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Giuseppe Tedesco
    Giuseppe Tedesco

    Watch this at 1.75X speed.

  • Niclas W.
    Niclas W.

    Or buy a switch for a lower price with more games and mor playhours.....................

  • Francisco P.Garcia
    Francisco P.Garcia

    Better explanation than the other trailer with 2 kids using stands to dance ,jump high ,and walk on walls in the other trailer. Can't wait to play together.

  • Stefan Turan
    Stefan Turan

    My mind is still stunned that they were able to port this to Switch. Well done! 👍

  • mr boogie
    mr boogie

    2021 .... graphic like on the sega in the 90´s .... very poor !!!

  • Chuganoga •
    Chuganoga •

    They finally acknowledge this game exist!!!

  • Bran Dumb
    Bran Dumb

    Instead of all this why not just have us play as the bad guy in the new game?

  • Zygarlio

    Damn this mans voice is perfect to be an Ai for this game.

  • Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
    Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment

    Great Preview Well Said

  • GQReviews & Style
    GQReviews & Style

    The next movie is gonna be called Fast Ten your Seat Belts end game

  • Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
    Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment

    Great Preview Well Said

  • Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
    Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment

    Great Preview Well Said

  • Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
    Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment

    Great Preview Well Said

  • D P
    D P

    bring back NCAA

  • Daniel Prieto
    Daniel Prieto

    What it's not going to be in the game come on

  • 8BitPasta

    Is there soccer?

  • Fluffy Napalm
    Fluffy Napalm

    Pokémon League of Legends... How original...

  • Mostafa Khajavi
    Mostafa Khajavi

    OMG ...

  • Troy Worden
    Troy Worden

    Blood dragon

  • Limited Jaiden
    Limited Jaiden

    What da dog doin?

  • Spirit Of The Omega
    Spirit Of The Omega

    Love the guy with the golden swords Gilgamesh?! Hope so lol.

  • Stephen Mcbean/Cummings
    Stephen Mcbean/Cummings

    Jason it's morphin time tyrannosaurus.

  • axel stoner
    axel stoner

    why bother with a title, just say nicholas cage and im in

  • Grimsford

    Экономике в очке, мигранты из Кавказа составляют 30% жителей Москвы, полиция на улицах избивает детей, за то музыку в трейлер вставили совковую. Спасибо, зарубежные хозяева, спасибо!!!!!

    • Riter Банальный
      Riter Банальный

      Разработчики игры это не правительство как они на это по твоему повлияют

  • Felix. W
    Felix. W

    The music fits perfectly. well, since peter born in the 80's

  • Andy Leighton
    Andy Leighton


  • NYC Flyboy🚀
    NYC Flyboy🚀

    Sunset overdrive on overdrive 😂

  • FrenchyWayne

    DRAH! 2 Fast... DRAH! 2 Furious... OHH! I'M TOO FAST FOR Y'ALL MAYN!

  • Anton

    Argonne forrest and Fort du vaux are imo the best infranty maps sinds bf3.

  • Carora

    Can’t Wait It Looks Exactly Like The Game Incredible Job Devs👏🏾🥳

  • Kazimierz

    How dare you not adding the new music of jack sparrow :(

  • Michelle Clemmer
    Michelle Clemmer

    This is pure halo the campaign and the multiplayer looks like they have the pure spirit of halo and if the samurai armor is in the battle pass it would definetly be tier 100.

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens

    This brawl stars x Pokémon

  • Reznor440

    Those are some serious PS3 quality graphics

  • Darkyun

    Hopefully pewds gets a chance to see this!

  • Tin Murray
    Tin Murray

    League of Legends: Pokemon Edition

  • Mercenary128

    lol Awful

  • Sf Fish Alex
    Sf Fish Alex

    They made a sonic colors reboot

  • Achilles26

    please bring Sea of Thieves to ps4/5

  • Nurul Azlina Aman
    Nurul Azlina Aman

    They say Andrew Koji is awesome in Warrior. Now that drama is in my binge-watch list.

  • stickmin

    When one claims to be someone who one is not is showing strange behaviour

  • StardustSynchron

    Wasn’t this the game that had the awful trailer during the reveal

  • Momo

    Skip the video, Dead Space May return but nothing definitely suggests it!😉

  • DJ Gianni C -topic
    DJ Gianni C -topic

    This reminds me of that game steep

  • MI982

    This looks bad.

  • Manny Ruiz
    Manny Ruiz

    so brawl stars but for pokémon??

  • AuRora'sDrawingCorner

    Me: Opens a bag of chips The entire class: 0:19/0:24

  • Sithstoner 777
    Sithstoner 777

    this is the best animated batman movie yet

  • Dusk

    Why do Wizards have guns?

  • ShadowKatGaming

    AHHHH there we go! THERE'S the gameplay and of course it's another MOBA knock off! Who hasn't wanted to play a Pokemon Tower Defense game instead of an incredible open world type RPG game right???? :D

  • Moro Ent
    Moro Ent

    Im here after they said it's not canceled canceled

  • hakjie11

    Green Mario

  • ScribbleVicious

    It’s crazy what a camera view can do. If this was isometric they would say this game has awesome combat and a lot of the complaints would be forgiven

  • sleeping Sheep
    sleeping Sheep

    ign : Let's play the melee class again the ranged on shows how shitty this game is and we wont manage to promote this game to suckers

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis

    Heroe sin capa

  • Purple yoshi
    Purple yoshi

    Take my money

  • kam lam
    kam lam

    sorry ps player